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TDD course in Oslo - August 2011

I will be starting a 3 day TDD in .NET course in Oslo next week (wed.). The course covers everything from zero - so I assume you have no unit testing experience whatsoever. Then it gets you al the way to *highly advanced* unit testing, including mocks and stubs, and refactoring legacy code, usage of things like FakeItEasy, Typemock Isolator, and more. 50% of the class is dedicated to hand on workshops, in which I walk around and check out how you actually write the code. 

The idea is that I want people coming out of that calss to feel comfortable handling almost any situation and problem solving relating to unit testing at work, without needing me for guidance later. This class is a good start to make that happen.

Each class is different

Each class I used things I learned since the previous class, so each class is very different, and fitted exactly to the current crowd. That’s why I don’t let anyone teach my course except me -because it’s based on my own thinking, and not on a perscriptive “how to” that is rigid. 

I hope to see you there!

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