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Notes from a TDD masterclass

another TDD masterclass is done, and this time it was Munich! Lovely people, and smart programmers :)

made a few changes this time – had an excersice about doing automated builds and CI, removed rhino mocks and added a bunch of other frameworks (FakeItEasy, JustMock and others) and various other small things.

at the last day of the course, I asked each person on the most important thing they learned, and something that surprised them during the course.


here’s the list we made:


•How to practice TDD

•Isolation frameworks abilities, differences and categories

•Difference between test and production code standards

•Pay attention to requirements

•TDD is doable, also in legacy

•Simple tests

•Legacy code refactoring is hard

•Better unit tests

•It’s not hype

•Reviewing is easier than thought

•Pair programming is productive

•How to refactor and test legacy

•Power of manual fakes

•Tdd makes testable code

•Tests as specs

•How to write fast tests, productively with tdd

•RTM tests are harder than you think

•Spec and Interface based development

•Code gets written differently

•Incremental work, simply

•Lots of different ways to do the same concept

•How to handle statics

•Different people are different

•Brownfield is tough to tdd

Case Study: CryptoLicensing + CryptoObfuscator in the real world

new Test Lint Beta – with command line runner