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new Test Lint Beta – with command line runner

There is a new version of Test Lint – a test review tool for visual studio. It will check your unit tests for common problems and teach you on making your tests more readable, maintainable and trustworthy.

The addin is still free and has a new rule (about using DateTime). but it also comes with a command line runner, that allows you to run test lint as part of your automated build. you just provide it with an /sln=mysln.cln parameter and go.

The command line runner will not be free. We will be coming out with a pricing plan for it sometime this week. For now, feel free to give it a try. I’d love to hear your comments!


- Added: *Command Line Runner* Tool
    ** Limited Preview (TestLintCMD.exe)
    ** for automated builds. Trial Version allows 15 initial runs.
    ** parameters are:
    ** TestLintCmd.exe
    **            /sln="[solution file]"
    **            /license="[optional. path to license file]"
- Added: Test Lint will ignore projects with 'integration' in their names
- Added: new rule: DateTime.Now

- Added: link to submit a bug from within test lint popups
- Added: missing tooltip on lint icons
- Added background statistics on Test Issues

- Fixed bug: Missing asserts did not detect   [fluent methods)

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