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Winner: Free seat in my TDD Class

Tim Barber gets a free seat for my two day TDD class in London for his post about his dedication to learning this subject.

Tim, I’ll see you there! 

Tim gets in free to learn the following subjects and more:

  • Creating readable, maintainable and trustworthy unit tests
  • Testing and refactoring legacy code
  • Mocks, stubs and fakes (FakeItEasy, Moq and handwritten fakes)
  • Reviewing unit tests for teaching purposes
  • TDD Katas
  • more

Two runner ups get a 50% discount for a ticket (just contact me and ask for the code):

  • Nazakat Ali
  • Marko from Servia (who does not have a blog but left a comment instead). 

Congratulations and I hope to see you all there!

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