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Are you an agile consultant in Israel? Make yourself known!

Israel needs more Agile consultants. I’m serious.

I keep getting asked by small and large companies if I know good agile consultants. And the problem is that I know very little agile related consultants that don’t already have their hands full. Let’s face it  - currently the market situation is dire. There is maybe one relatively known company that dominates the market, simply beucase it has a member with scrum certification, and the rest are small time people who circulate around other clients. Some of them even joined that company. 

I only know one agile\lean\tdd consultant that isn’t associated with that company - Lior Friedman (which I got to work with and trust). And he’s got his hands full already.

So let’s make a list of agile consultants. If you are one, but nobody knows you - feel free to comment here with your name, your specialties and link to website\blog\twitter. At the very least - I’ll have options to give to people who contact me. 

The more competition there is, the more clients benefit. It’d be great if we could get ot the situation where there are “too many”. Choice is a good problem to have. 

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