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My Suggested Talks for NDC 2012

Here’s the list I submitted to the powers that be for NDC 2012. Most of these are new. soe are ‘refurbished’ with information I learned in the past year. I wonder which ones will go through..

  1. 10 things every software team leader should know
  2. How to change anything: the six influence factors that will change they way you lead your team
  3. What you don’t know you don’t know: How to become a better developer by breaking out of your comfort zone
  4. Real life TDD lessons in .NET and Ruby - what I learned in the past year working on a Ruby on Rails Project
  5. Awesome CSS sauce - Cool tools and techniques to make CSS work more fun and maintainable
  6. Vim for Victory - Love it or hate it - You have to know vim and understand its strengths and weaknesses. It will help you in real life.
  7. Test Driven Ruby - The simple case of the string calculator kata
  8. Unit Testing Best Practices for static and non static languages - I’ll discuss which make sense for .net or ruby style languages
  9. .NET Isolation Frameworks Deep Dive: what you should know before choosing one - I review the big ones, and the differences between Proxy Based frameworks and the commercial, profiler based ones
  10. Powerful gems every ruby on rails developer should know

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