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TDD Master Class Online: Get Each Day Separately for $59

Due to public demand,

The full course is 99$.

and as part of the big experiment I am doing, you can now have TWO ways to get my TDD master class online:

  1. You can get the whole master class thing in one big giant course, for $500 (use coupon ‘maintainability’ to get 30% off that until end of day today, Seattle time)
  2. You can download each of the days separately for $90 a pop:
    1. Day one: The First Test
    2. Day 2: Mocks and Stubs
    3. Day 3: Good Tests, Bad Tests
    4. Day 4: Legacy Code
    5. Day 5: Unit Testing Patterns in the wild

There will NOT be any upgrade path if you have already purchased a specific day and want the full course, unless I see people truly explode about that.

Let us see how people’s wallets vote! feedback is appreciated. If you cannot purchase, do let me know on twitter why!

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Osherove online TDD master class at 40% off for a few hours.