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Can’t attend my five day TDD master class? Buy & Watch it online, recorded live.

Phew. This is going to be scary.

I am making my full TDD master class in .NET available as a video series of over nine hours, recorded live in class.

If you have ever wanted to attend my classes, but couldn’t : this is the next best thing. It was recorded by me over a few tdd master classes, and assembled with audio, including questions and answers from the attendees.

It is as if you are sitting right there in class, unable to speak, but able to hear everything. Plus, if you DO have a question, you can always contact me directly.

Why scary? because I am afraid this will eat into my actual course training at customer sites. Why would a customer have me over when they can have the entire course online? For some customers, who can’t have me anyway, this is a no brainer, but for those that could have me, here is my line of thinking:

  • Nothing beats me being there as you do the exercises, looking over your shoulder, at the actual code you are writing.
  • If I do go to your place, we can customize the course and spend more time on specific ideas, or even new ideas.
  • The course changes all the time. The course I teach today is different (slightly) than the one you see here. For example, in my courses today I use NCrunch, while in the videos I use testdriven.NET. A couple of years ago my courses included Rhino Mocks, now I teach FakeItEasy (this video series includes fakeiteasy, for example).

So, to mitigate the risk of losing business, I am making the course cost very high. 500$. I hope you will see enough value in it to purchase it and be happy with it.

Also, the content is not downloadable for now. Call me paranoid, but I am truly scared of this stuff spreading all over the web and then I lose both actual courses and online sales. Did I say scary yet?

I did have some thought about going “Louis CK” on it and selling it for 5$, but I do not have enough people interested. even if I sell 5000 of these 5$, I make up the cost I would make on a single five day course.

I hope you find it useful and valuable. Feedback is welcome.

Osherove online TDD master class at 40% off for a few hours.

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