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More Geek Conversation you cen listen to in your car

One of the things I liked about .Net rocks is that every so often you get to listen to a really interesting person talk about some trivia regarding some technology aspect of our daily lives. For example, the show where they interview Alan Cooper- the inventor of Visual Basic, is one of those shows. Or the one with Dan Appleman, or several others (I recommended you go to the .NET rocks homepage and start listening to the early shows first  down at the bottom)
So what do I do on the week where I wait for a new DNR show? Lately I've discovered ITConversations.Com. Think "Talking trivia with leading experts" only on a much larger scale. There are hundreds of conversations out there from open source gurus to security experts to A-list bloggers to conference recordings. It's all there. One just needs to sift through the mountains of material to find what they are really interested in. I've personally found a few gems which I will share with you here every now and again.
The best place I've found to start looking for stuff was in the Software Development Category. YMMV.
I've already burned some stuff I really liked onto Cd's so I'll point them in a CD-layout ready for listening on your way to work:
And here's some stuff I plan on listening to:

Not Invented here

My TDD webcast yesterday was pretty fun