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What blogs are other people reading?

I think it was a nice guy named Oren who asked me at the recent IVBUG meeting about resources where you could see what other people are subscribing to in their RSS readers. Along comes Scoble (its been months since I've found anything really valuable there - it's gotten to be a lot like "Name Drop, Name Drop, been here, did that, got to see this,this guy likes me, this guy hates me, this one wants a link (all together now!)")
with this post that sums things up for resources of just this kind:

The Technorati Top 100 blogs list has changed a lot recently. Lots of new blogs and it feels more accurate based on my looks around the blogosphere. I'm honored to be holding down the #64 spot.

Compare to's Top 100 list; Feedster's Top 100 list; and Bloglines Top Blogs list.


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