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Wanna record a geeky interview at Tech-Ed Europe?

If you're attending Tech-Ed Europe and would be interested in doing anything between a 10-60 minute recorded interview about some interesting facet of technology, or just geeking out in the community lounge with me, ping me by email to Roy at Osherove dot com.
All recorded interviews will end up on Team Agile's interview list.
Hope we can get some good ones!
You don't have to be a big celebrity speaker to interview. You just have to be an interested geek which, hopefully, specializes in something deeply. SO, if you're a reflection king, we might talk about Reflection, what's new in 2.0, and other geeky stuff. If you're into SOA, we could talk architecture. If you're just a happy camper at TechEd with nothing in particular to say, well, there's nothing to interview you on, is there? :)

Tomorrow on Agile Israel - some very cool talks

TDD Workshop - JUnit basics, open for registration